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So I’m a political science major at UNC-Chapel Hill. An aspiring law student (like so many other poli sci majors), I do my best to keep up with relevant legal news. The problem with that is there is just so much. And not all of it is interesting. It’s truly a herculean task to filter through news websites and Supreme Court opinions in order to not only find the fascinating opinions that exist, but also to find them presented in a way that makes me want to read them.

Then it hit me. If I can’t find this for ¬†myself, with all the resources my wonderful university provides for me, then surely there are others who have the same issue. Other people who are interested in the same things, but want to be informed about it in a way that doesn’t use stuffy language and the same boring topics all the time. So, that is my mission. I mean, why not? At the very least, even if no one else benefits from this, I certainly will. So check back every now and then and I’ll keep you updated on interesting legal news and opinions!

I’m not promising exclusively legal news, although that will be the primary goal. The problem with that is just that, like everyone, I have diverse interests….I have no idea where this will take me.